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LSENLTY Carbon Monoxide Detector Plug in Wall

LSENLTY Carbon Monoxide Detector Plug in Wall

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  • 【A comprehensive CO Detector Plug in Design for Home and Travel】Carbon monoxide is harmful. When the carbon monoxide in the air exceeds the standard, it will cause harm to the human body and endanger life safety. This carbon monoxide detectors plug in has passed the US UL 2034 test and its quality is guaranteed. This plug-in carbon monoxide detector is compatible with 110V to 220V AC power outlets. Fits all US standard AC outlets in bedrooms, RVs, kitchens, living rooms, basements, hotel rooms, and more.
  • 【Advanced Electrochemical Sensor】When exposed to carbon monoxide it generates an electric current immediately, meaning it responds faster and more accurately than traditional co detector, and is less susceptible to being affected by other gases. Please note that when there is no carbon monoxide gas in the air, it is normal for the product to display a reading of 000PPM.
  • 【2.1-inch High-definition Display】 Not only can the carbon monoxide concentration value be intuitively viewed on the 2.1-inch high-definition display, but also the temperature and humidity conditions of daily concern can be clearly seen. Say goodbye to traditional carbon monoxide detectors that are eye-catching with small screens.
  • 【Intimate Brightness Design】When you feel that keeping the high-definition screen on is very power-consuming, you can choose to press the "H" button to adjust the brightness condition. When you choose to turn off the screen brightness, the product will continue to monitor and the indicator light will remind you every 5 seconds to inform you that the product is under normal monitoring. If the carbon monoxide concentration value in the surrounding environment exceeds 50PPM, the indicator screen of the carbon monoxide alarm will quickly turn on and sound an alarm sound exceeding 85dB decibels to remind you.
  • 【High-precision Comprehensive Detector】 The product is equipped with a precision CO sensor, which refreshes every 2 seconds and can quickly detect the surrounding CO value. The detection range is 0-999PPM, and the accuracy is ±5PPM. It can also be used as an indoor thermometer with a temperature range of 14°F ~ 122°F and an accuracy ±5%; it can also be used as a hygrometer with a humidity range of 0 ~ 95%RH and an accuracy ±5% RH.
  • 【House Must Haves& Travel Safety Essentials】 When you are traveling, staying in a hotel, traveling in an RV, or camping outdoors, this plug-and-play portable carbon monoxide detector can make your trip safer. When you are worried that traditional carbon monoxide detectors require regular battery replacement and the small screen can hardly see the carbon monoxide concentration, this three-in-one detector allows you to clearly see the carbon monoxide concentration, temperature, and humidity.


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